Fast cljfmt

Update 2023-01-29: I’ve since learned that clojure-lsp also includes a GraalVM-built cljfmt. I wanted a Clojure code formatter that: follows the community Clojure style guide and isn’t as agressive as zprint, so weavejester/cljfmt runs fast enough (<50ms) to use as an editor filter, invoked on save is up to date - node-cljfmt and several GraalVM packagings of cljfmt are no longer maintained uses the stdio interface as expected by editor tools like format-all cljfmt and its GraalVM native-image packaging don’t have #4. Fast cljfmt full article

The CDR Fell Off

Last month my former colleague, Chouser, invited us to work through Lisp in Small Pieces (LiSP) as a group. Forty-six of us joined the group slack and are working through Chapter 1 exercises right now. Allegedly. Amazon says LiSP landed in my wish list mid-2015, so it’s high time I checked this one off. Coincidentally, 2015 is the last I worked on the LonoCloud team and wrote Clojure for a day job. The CDR Fell Off full article

Reactive Binary Clock, Hoplon Edition

Demo • Source Code Reactive programming is taking a ride on the Computer Science pop culture carousel, and attracts an impressive list of corporate sponsors: React (Facebook), Rx (Microsoft), RxJava (Netflix), Elm (Prezi). In the Clojure world, two libraries getting buzz with reactive cores are Om (built on React) and Hoplon. Om and a post by Fredrik Dyrkell inspired this binary clock demo in Hoplon. Hoplon Hoplon is ambitious, seeking to unify HTML page markup and the JavaScript environment. Reactive Binary Clock, Hoplon Edition full article

Guy Lewis Steele's Wordsplit, Redux

UPDATE: 05 September 2013 (later) Thanks to some prodding from Jozef Wagner, I reworked the solution to use Clojure reducers for the combine step. Speedup now nearly scales linearly with processor count. previously on 24 … Guy Lewis Steele’s Wordsplit and the Reducers - in which we applied GLS’ algorithm on clojure.core.reducers/fold and learned some limitations. We then used some trickery to batch-reduce text sections on fork/join and successfully split text in parallel. Guy Lewis Steele's Wordsplit, Redux full article

Guy Lewis Steele's Wordsplit and the Reducers

UPDATE: 05 September 2013 Guy Lewis Steele’s Wordsplit, Redux, in which we address the issue raised below. UPDATE: 04 September 2013 A reader pointed out an issue with the benchmark, namely some lazy seqs not being realized. I updated the code and post. Now the parallel speedup, while existing, is not as impressive as previously measured. The initial observations regarding the use of reducers for this problem are still relevant. More work to come. Guy Lewis Steele's Wordsplit and the Reducers full article

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